Eagle’s Nest Youth Ranch provides quality care, counseling, and therapeutic social and educational programs to youth in a group living environment. We work collaboratively with youth, families, and community groups to facilitate individual growth and social change that will improve the lives of youth and families in our communities.


It is the vision of Eagle’s Nest Youth Ranch that all children are provided with the encouragement, support, and opportunities required to maximize their learning potential and to experience success and belonging at home, at school, and in their community.


Eagle’s Nest Youth Ranch believes in the inherent worth all human beings and takes a holistic, developmental approach to meeting the needs of youth and their families. Youth are provided with a safe environment where they receive nurturing, respect, guidance, and discipline from caring adults. The program believes that a sense of belonging to a family and community is necessary for the development of a healthy self concept and that each youth is an individual with unique needs and strengths that need to be respected and supported.