Many of the youth attending Eagle’s Nest School classrooms have experienced emotional, behavioral and social difficulties within their homes, schools and communities. Many of the youth have not attended school on a regular basis and many have had multiple school placements due to their emotional and behavioral problems, and changes to their living arrangements.  We believe that if all youth are provided with support and guidance they can reach their true potential.

The Eagle’s Nest Youth Ranch Independent School Education Program is designed to gain a clear understanding of the youth’s academic and social needs. The program develops and implements a personal program plan that addresses those needs, and prepares the student for transition into a community school setting.  The program goals focus on strengthening academics, wellness, and making strong, positive connections with family, peers and community.

An Eagle’s Nest Youth Ranch Independent School Program is located in each of the four locations. Each classroom has a fully qualified Teacher and 2 Education Associates. Each classroom provides specialized learning for young people residing in Eagle’s Nest Youth Ranch homes.

The Christopher Lake classroom serves youth living at the Christopher Lake residence. The Prince Albert classroom serves youth living at the Prince Albert residences. This program is in partnership with Saskatchewan Rivers School Division. In addition to the classroom in Prince Albert, the Eagle’s Nest Youth Ranch Independent School Program and the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division have developed a Transition Support Program for those youth living at ENYR who are attending or transitioning to a community school in Prince Albert and area. A Social Worker and an Education Associate work with and provide support to students to assist them in maintaining and being successful in their school placement.

The Saskatoon classroom serves youth living at the Saskatoon residences and is in partnership with the Saskatoon Public School Division as well as the Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division.

The North Battleford classroom serves youth living at the Eagle’s Nest North Battleford residence. This program is in partnership with the Living Sky School Division and the Light of Christ Catholic School Division.